Jan/01 元旦
Jan/07 Orthodox Christmas
Feb/24 Fatherland Defender's Day
Mar/09 国际妇女节
Mar/23 Norooz
Apr/07 People's Revolution Day
May/01 劳动节
May/05 Kyrgyz Republic Constitution Day
May/10 胜利日
May/24 Orozo Ait
Jul/31 Kurman Ait
Aug/31 Kyrgyz Republic Independence Day
Nov/09 Great October Revolution Day
Jan/03 元旦
Jan/09 Orthodox Christmas
Feb/25 Fatherland Defender's Day
Mar/10 国际妇女节
Mar/24 Norooz
Apr/09 People's Revolution Day
May/05 劳动节
May/07 Kyrgyz Republic Constitution Day
May/12 胜利日
May/15 Orozo Ait (End of Ramadan)
Jul/22 Kurman Ait (Feast of Sacrifice)
Sep/02 Kyrgyz Republic Independence Day
Nov/10 Days of History and Memory of Ancestors